Why Chiropractic?

1) Why Am I Looking For A Chiropractor?

When you consider the state of your health and perhaps the state of your spinal health the first question that you want to ask is what am i looking for?
If you have a surface-level ache, pain, or strain, and you simply want a quick fix so you can get back on the road again, you’ll want to look for a chiropractor who will take care of you for the immediate issue. When you see a chiropractor for this type of objective, they will generally assess your spine and work on relieving acute pain/muscle spasms and improving range of motion.

However, just like any other area of your health, there’s a difference between a quick fix and sustainable change. If you are looking for sustainable results or improvement for your spine or nervous system, or to get to the root cause of a recurring health concern, you would want to find a chiropractor who has your entire wellbeing in mind, At Active Life Chiropractic – this is our focus.

2) What is my motivation for seeing the Chiropractor?

In Singapore Chiropractic is on the rise – Often the reason that patients head to see the chiropractor is because they want to experience “less” of something – Less back pain, less neck pain, less arm pain, less shoulder pain, less knee pain, something that is disturbing how they are living. They just want to go back to the way they were before.

On the other hand – some patients pursue seeing a chiropractor for an entirely different reason … Some people want more. In addition to eliminating something that they don’t like, they would like to have more of what they don’t have… or don’t have enough of….more energy, more joy, more sleep, more mental clarity, more life enjoyment and an overall more improved quality of life.

Contact our office in Singapore Chiropractic today for an appointment or information on how you could be experiencing MORE from your life.

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All our Doctors are proficient in a wide variety of techniques, patients are cared for on an individual basis and no treatment is specific to each individual patient. Some techniques include diversified, TPT, Gonstead chiropractic and Gonstead Methodology, ART and active release techniques, Activator and SOT blocking therapies, STW, Active rehabilitation, Pregnancy care and also care for babies.

About ActiveLife

At Active, we believe that good health is a family affair. That’s why our team of Chiorprators treats the entire family: newborns, infants, children, adults and seniors. Our staff of professional chiorprators are committed to keeping you and your family well.
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