To Ice or Not to Ice?

Cryotherapy (Ice treatment) and heat therapy are crucial procedures in the realm of sports injury, and injury recovery in general – The biggest question is when and how to use each.

ICE THERAPY — Acute Phase

Ice therapy is done for the first 48 hours after a new injury, or the aggravation of a pre-existing injury.
Duration: 15 minutes every 2 waking hours over area of pain.
Function: Limit acute inflammation & prevent excessive distortion of soft tissues, provide pain relief by numbing the involved area.
Typically you will experiece several sensations during the icing time:
C.B.A.I.N. – (1) Cold; (2) Burning; (3) Achy; (4) Itchy; (5) Numbness
WARNING: Do NOT over ice as it can lead to frost bite and/or become counter productive in the healing process.

HEAT THERAPY — Chronic Phase
Heat therapy is done for persisting/chronic problems of achy pain and muscle tension.
Duration: 20 min over area of muscle tension
Function: Increase blood flow/inflammation to the area of injury, promote soft tissue healing, decrease muscle tension/spasm.

***This is a general guideline only and is important to always follow the specific directions of your treating doctor.***

This article was written by Dr. Casey Jan deRoos, one of our resident doctors at The ActiveLife Chiropractic Novena Branch,For more information or to schedule an appointment: Call our Novena Clinic:   +65 6694 5223


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