The best cure for Chronic Disease?

Prevention is the best cure for chronic disease

A recent American study found that chronic disease treatment accounts for more than 80% of U.S. healthcare costs. The intent of preventing rather than treating chronic conditions can improve the quality of care and lower healthcare costs. One particular outline in the report suggested strengthening healthcare providers’ connection to non-medical, community-based organizations.

Prevention is defined as a strategy to avoid illness by keeping people healthy, thus averting progression of disease. Early screenings, community programs, and non-medical interventions are a few strategies that should be found throughout many community outreach programs.

“Culture of Health” was a concept founded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in which an entire population attains the best health possible; where all sectors of society value good health and work together to build healthy communities and lifestyles. Everyone, regardless of economic, social, or geographic differences should have access to community environments that promote health and wellness, and high-quality, efficient, affordable healthcare.

A child’s asthma program in the U.S., for example, teaches parents how to manage their children’s asthma by replacing mattresses, curtains, and carpets, as well as improving environments in and outside of the home which contribute to attacks.

The safety, quality, and cost-efficiency of disease management can improve drastically if communities can work together to shift the thinking of community leaders and decision-makers.

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