I am in general good overall health. However I injured my lower back picking up a heavy load recently and was in great pain. I came to Dr Casey and after taking x-rays he also explained I had a curvature in my spine and degeneration of a disc. He recommended that in addition to adjustments I get treatment for the disc.


After only two sessions with Dr. Casey, my pain was totally gone and I regained full mobility. I have continued with the adjustments, as I believe getting my spine straightened will have long-term benefits for my health.


Date: 1/10/2016

Name: Monica

Attending Doctor: Casey Jan DeRoos

pain free


I came to see Dr Tina in Jan 2013 for treatment to my neck and low back pain.  For the past 2-3 years, I have these pains that come on and off.  Message therapy and tuina did not help.  It only gave relief for a short while.  The neck pain also cause me headache, Muscle tension build up on the shoulder and neck region.  I also experience arm pains and numbness that woke me up from my sleep.  There were weakness on my hands, and tingling sensation on my fingers and toes.

I used to sleep on my side in curled up posture without any pain whatsoever.  Since after I develop low back pain, I can’t even sleep in this posture for more than a few seconds.  The L4/L5 give off numbness and tingling sensation.  I often experience muscle spasm, weakness in the legs.  At times while walking, I can feel the weakness on my legs with heavy steps.  My back was so hunched.  I feel so lethargic with no energy and vitality.

After 4months of treatment by Dr Tina, I began to feel the changes in me.

  • No more hunched, posture improved
  • Energy level improve and full of vitality
  • Able to walk at quick pace
  • Soreness on my back and neck reduced considerably
  • Shoulder muscles, more relax
  • Muscle spasm reduced
  • Pain on the neck and low back easing up, and no more headaches

Dr Tina thank you so much for all that you do!


Date: 20/05/13
Name: Lee Khee Fong, Vincent
Attending Doctor: Tina Ta



While changing bed sheet for a heavy mattress, I injured my lower back resulting in severe pain. Every step gave excruciating pain. When I am in public I had to walk near the wall because I was not stable. I was afraid that people might knock me down I also avoided small children. Secondly it’s very difficult to walk down the stairs I had to walk sideways holding on to the stair case grille.


My friend Rosalind accompanied me to ActiveLife Chiropractic, introduced me to Dr. Casey. Dr asked me to take x-rays before consulting him. He explained to me patiently and SiewLing did the translation. After 6 weeks of treatment, now I don’t have any pain. I can walk normally among the crowd. I no longer have to walk sideways down the stairs, though I still hold the grille for security. I can walk down the stairs slowly and gracefully. Thank you Dr. Casey and the wonderful staff


Date: 30/6/2016

Name: Tan Siew Hua

Attending Doctor: Casey JanDeRoos



As my job scope requires me to work on computers for at least half a day, I discovered my sitting posture getting from bad to worse.  I started to have stiff neck, shoulder aches and pain on my hip and right leg frequently.  I couldn’t enjoy walking for long and all these issues had bothered  me for couple of years.

Since I started treatment with Active Life Chiropractic by Dr Ernesto, my area of concern has improved and I don’t feel pain on my hip especially my knee.  I could enjoy shopping and travelling for longer hours.  I would like to extend my appreciation to Dr Ernesto for his professional skills and advises.
(within 1-2months treatment)

Date:  13/09/12
Name: Teresa Liow
Attending Doctor: Ernesto Escudero Mangual


My Mom, Mdm Kwok Kwai Yee is 84 years old. She fell down from the escalator in Hong Kong when she was going out with friends without telling anyone at home. She suffered from severe pain and could hardly walk at all after a few months. She was recommended to see a Chiropractor by her family doctor in HK who cared for her before she returned to Singapore.

She had severe back ache for months and because of it she she adjusted her movements by balancing on one leg and hurting her ankle and bottom further mainly on the right. Due to the lack of activity and appetite she lost over 10 pounds and a lot of muscles especially on the legs. She also felt numbness in the right leg.

Upon the time she was still in pain and could only walk very slowly with difficulties. She was using a wheelchair on her first few visits to the clinic. It was not easy for her to walk from the car park to the clinic, also from the clinic to the wash room even if it was on teh same level with a walking stick.

My Mom felt much better every time after the adjustment session  together with the cold and hot treatments. The Dr also suggested some exercise for her to do on her own or by us in order to help her to recover. He also suggested her to use ice pack on her back every time after she exercised at home. She was using the cream from the clinic to massage the affected areas when she felt necessary.

At the beginning she saw the Chiropractor three times a week. She did not need to use her wheelchair after only just a few visits and the pain at her back, ankle and her bottom reduced gradually though she complained that she still felt the pins and needles on her right leg and foot.

Decompression treatment for her which would help to release the pressure of her spine and let the water go through so as to reduce the numbness in her right foot.  A trial session was arranged which after only one session did wonders for my Mom

She had great improvement after having decompression treatments and adjustments sessions. After 6 weeks of treatments she went back to Hong Kong for a week and even went shopping on her own with a walking stick.

She returned to Singapore and continued with the rest of the treatments as stated above. Every time she was taught to do some exercises at home to gain back her muscle strength. My Mom did altogether 20 decompression treatments once a week and adjustment every one a week. She gained back her lost and weight and muscles in both legs.

She is now fully recovered and has returned to Hong Kong as stays there on her own.

Was really appreciate the professional advice and treatment. Not to forget all the caring and understanding nurses, Claudia, Lousie, Farah, Sue and MeiYee.


Date: 08/01/2016
Name: Kwok Kwai Yee

activelife chiropractic


I have been experiencing regular body discomfort such as stiffness in my back and having my shoulders unbelieving feeling like a hard wooden block. However, I did not pay further attention on to my body discomfort and had in fact, allowed myself to be comfortably used to my own discomfort.

Things began to change after i had attended the “health talk on Ergonomics and Posture Care”  in my school. It was then when i decided to pay more attention to my body discomfort and begin my chiropractic care.

After going through a few sessions I am always amazed on how accurate the doctor was able to feel and identify my acute sore points followed by a series of “cracking.” What’s more amazing is that the relief i felt after the series of “cracking” is almost instant; better than the effect of going body massage.

More importantly, what i have gained through these sessions are not just body relief and greater mobility in movements. Under care, i have become more mindful of how i move my body and even slowed down to listen to my body so that i do not create anymore unnecessary tensions.

Thank you  for helping me to develop my body awareness, your care and your laughters.

Thank you, all the other doctors and pretty ladies at ActiveLife Chiropractic. Thanks to all of your smiles. Its gives me a friendly and lovely experience every time i am there, of course i must not forget to thank myself for the effort to go through the care my body needs

May you be well, happy and healthy.


Date: 11/09/2016
Name: ChewLin


I can’t say enough good things about this practice, and so far I’ve only been here twice. I met Dr. Casey on a plane trip to Thailand and just happened to still have his card when my chiropractor took medical leave. It must have been fate!
I’m very happy with the service and professionalism he and his staff provide. Everyone is very friendly!

I was asked to get x-rays prior to treatment and it was very easy to do so because they send you to a clinic attached to their office building. I was in and out in less than an hour after picking up the order, having the x-rays done and returning them to ActiveLife Chiropractic. I feel much more confident in a practice that requires x-rays because it tells me they are diligent about your care.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that they offer treatments to warm up your muscles before an adjustment including TENS and heat packs. This helps me immensely and makes the appointment go much smoother. They do a great job explaining in detail your x-rays and the adjustments before they do them. I have seen numerous chiropractors and I can honestly say they are the most gentle while still being effective.

I’ve found that the right chiropractic treatment can make a world of difference in dealing with an auto-immune disease and also helps me with my cross training. I can’t recommend this office more highly, especially if you are new to chiropractic treatment.


Date: 08/01/2016
Name: Melissa



Friendly staff, skilful and awesome doctors! Hubby and myself have been coming in regularly for treatments. Started noticing my lower back pain, posture and neck problems improving a lot. Thanks Dr. Casey, and the lovely ladies at ALC!


Date: 20/08/2015
Name: Janelle
Attending Doctor: Casey Jan DeRoos



I came to see ActiveLife with the problem of a slip disc in my LOWER BACK. There is difficulty for me in sitting too long. Feeling aches in the lower back when lying for too long as well.

Fortunately there was a talk for Chiropractic in our company and that is how i know about ActiveLife

First of all i must thank Dr Tina, after speaking to her in our first review. I had the confidence that this DECOMPRESSION will help me. After about 15 times of DECOMPRESSION, i feel i had recover 90% I don’t feel anymore aches in my Lower Back when i sit too long and lay for too long as well. I can walk faster and feel lighter. I am very happy with my life now and will continue to do maintenance of DECOMPRESSION with ActiveLife Chiropractic.

Thank you Dr. Tina!

Date: 03/08/2015
Name: Penny
Attending Doctor: Tina Ta

testimonial ActiveLife Chiropractic


Ten years ago, I experienced a car accident which caused a whip-lash. I did not seek immediate care/consultation for the injury.  As time goes by and as work/commitments increase,  I was gradually experiencing headaches on the left side of my head. Migraines was then getting from bad to worst. I even had numbness on the left side of the face, I thought I was almost dying due to work stress related matters. In between, I took up Pilates as a form of rehabilitation where it helps to re-align and maintain one’s posture, however, it did not cure the root of my spinal injury. I felt that it was affecting my productivity level at work, hence began to source for a better solution. I knew chiropractic was good but most of the chiropractors are male, hence I was not very comfortable, I suffered for quite a while before I finally found Dr. Tina through my workplace Standard Chartered.

The X-ray gave me an in-depth understanding on how my body was doing. Dr. Tina shared the importance of preventive measures on how to take care of one’s health, not just to look good on the outside, but feels good on the inside that meaning age of my spine.

After 10 sessions of treatment, I felt that I could sleep better at night, I remembered I could only sleep on my left most of the time, now I can sleep on both sides. I am continuing my treatment to ensure that my spinal’s age is as good as my actual age.

Thank you Dr. Tina! Happy Reading to this person who is reading right now. God Bless!


Date: 6/03/13
Name: Wong Siew Ming
Attending Doctor: Tina Ta



I had an accident in the gym in March 2011 and sustained a fracture on my right arm. Since then I had constant pain in my neck, my right shoulder + arm. Weeks later I had frozen shoulder. To ease the pain I took painkillers for half a year. Went for several months of physiotherapy which really didn’t work. My daily routine and activities were restricted due to loss of strength + limited range of motion. Every day is a struggle for me esp. at work. I can’t even do simple housework + carrying my handbag is a challenge. Been a very active person all my life + not being able to do all that was very depressing. About a year later, I started seeing Dr Casey for treatment to get to the root of the problem. At first, I was skeptical about it but after having met him + he explained to me and showed me my X-rays and discussed what he saw the subluxation and misalignment of my spine. Having a better understanding helped + has changed my mind.

Within weeks of chiropractic care, the pains and discomfort levels have diminished greatly. Over the months, there was an improvement and I have regained the strength + range of motion of my right arm. The constant pain on my neck + arm were gone. Most importantly, I am so happy to have my life back again and have gone back to normal. My body feels better overall now. Recently, I have seen the dramatic results + changes in my spine + neck from the X-rays (the before + after chiropractic care). I am so amazed + pleased with it. I have learnt that besides maintaining a healthy lifestyle, a healthy spine is also the key to optimal health. I will definitely continue to receive chiropractic care because I truly believe in it. I would like to thank Dr Casey and that I really appreciate the amazing results I have received.


Date: 11/03/13
Name: Diana Goh
Attending Doctor: Casey Jan deRoos



One sentence “PAIN ALL OVER”. I would hardly sit, stand or lay down for long.  It was also bothering my sleep, waking up almost every hour.  I went to the hospital to do an MRI and it was diagnosed as SLIP DISC.  While acupuncture help to relief the pain temporary, the overall situation was not improving.
So I came back to Singapore to get a second opinion from a specialist and Dr Tina (who was recommended by my Australian counter-part).  I really wanted to avoid surgery if possible. First, Dr Tina gave me a very good education on my situation and also recommended a good options.  This helped me to make better informed decisions.

As for the treatment, it really helped and I am seeing signs of improvement; less pain and better movements.  This is great as while surgery is an option; it is something that I really really want to avoid. I would definitely recommend Dr Tina to those in need of similar condition like me.  Thanks Joe Kremer for the great referral.


Date: 20/10/12
Name: Richard Lee Kok King
Attending Doctor: Tina Ta



I had injured my back last year and was hurt since then. I could even feel the pain when I was walking or after I have lifted up heavy stuff. Furthermore, after I have done my x-ray, It was discovered that I have a negative angle of neck’s curvature which also means that I have a reversed position of neck.

Till now, I still continue with my treatment. Although I am not completely healed, each week is getting better and most importantly my neck’s curvature is getting back to positive angle. Thanks to Dr Ernesto and assistants. Aside from being knowledgeable, which is of course really important when you are dealing with medical issues. They are really friendly and nice. Thus, you will feel extremely comfortable, which is a great feeling!

I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to Active Life Chiropractic!



Date: 27/09/12
Name: Ellen
Attending Doctor: Ernesto Escudero Mangual

no more pain


Before treatment, my legs feel numb and tingling during the night.  I don’t sleep well during the night.  My shoulder and neck having a lot of pain and can’t really turn my head.

After treatment, I sleep better in the night.  My head can turn wider angle. The pain in my leg had reduced and the numbness on my foot had gone. My neck and back had no more pain.


Date:  26/09/12
Name: Mdm Tan Kai Yeok
Attending Doctor: Ernesto Escudero Mangual



I always slouch and my right ribcage is petruding out from the back.  My spine  was a little crooked.I feel much better as I used to have pains in my back usually, but now I rarely have the pains and my spine is quite straight, the ribcage at an equal height.


Date:  15/09/12
Name: Faythe Tan
Attending Doctor: Ernesto Escudero Mangual



I am 33years old, had been suffering from dizziness (vertigo), sensations of fullness and loud ringing sound (tinnitus) as well as hearing loss at my right ear for the post 8 months. When I had a particularly severe episode of dizziness, I would have to hold onto walls or whatever object was available to help me retain balance. I was diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease by Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) Specialist.
I was told that the vertigo or dizziness could be associated with an inner ear disorder. I simply couldn’t maintain life being dizzy all the time. It affected my sleeps as well. At one point my ENT Specialist told me to ‘LEARN TO LIVE WITH IT”. My mood and self-image were fading quickly as life in a constant state of dizziness is no fun at all. I did all the reading and the prognosis was depressing to say the least. What I received was the condition is a syndrome that the medical community doesn’t have a clue on the causes.

I know I need to move on and I pursued every conceivable approach for resolution. After going through my conditions check, Dr Tina proceeded with a series of sessions. Initially there were 3 adjustments in a week but as time went on the adjustments became very few.

How has the treatment benefited your health:

While still under treatment for maintenance, I have had but minor episodes of vertigo since those adjustments began. As time has passed I could feel the improvements of myself. The movement of my body is faster; I feel more energy & strength, my sleep is getting better, relieve of fullness and ringing sound in my right ear. Most importantly the giddiness has gradually become very mild and almost cease off. I could tell that I am now on the road to recovery! I believe everyone would benefit from Chiropractic / Upper Cervical Care. Here I highly recommend Dr Tina as her passion and energy are supreme and she is so focused to get me well. I feel so blessed under Dr Tina’s care. She is truly committed to her patients’ well being ad listens when concerns are shared and offers guidance with explanations. She is a Chiropractor who believes that healing takes place on all levels – physical, emotional & mental.. Her encouragements are always so inspiring! Thank you so much, Dr Tina! You listen understand and treat my symptoms with GREAT PATIENCE!
Thank you for bring back my ActiveLife! Slowly but surely! Of course not forgetting as well the staffs in ActiveLife who are friendly & helpful, and because of you all, the entire process in the clinic runs so efficiently that we customers rarely need to have a long wait and feel at ease! Thank you so much to Sue, Fanny, May, Louise and Claudia!!


Date: 15/09/2013
Name: Jimmy Ng
Attending Doctor: Tina

active life chiro


6 years ago (2007) I was diagnosed with severe cervical Spondylosis, the nerve on my neck was pinched by spurs and I was constantly in excruciating pain and spasm from shoulder to the right arm along with tingling and numbness in the fingers. I can’t even raise up or put down the arm so I needed an arm sling and a neck brace to support my neck. I could hardly sit or sleep for more than 30mins on ends because of the shooting pain. I was told that operation was with risk and not a solution by my orthopedic and neurosurgeon but to look for pain management therapies.

I opted for intensive daily chiropractic care(back then people were skeptical on chiropractors) and my pain was at least relieved for few hours everyday for the first 2 months and reduced to 3x a week for the next 3 months and further reduced to once a week or 10 days.

My pain has stabilized by then and I can sleep without interruption and it was less painful. I couldn’t do any strenuous exercises so I could only “walk” in the shallow end of a pool daily and slowly I begin to swim a little at a time till I can put in 10 – 20 laps gradually daily. I attempted my first walk of 2 km but ended in spasm and pain. I couldn’t even take a flight or travel for long distance in a car till a year later (2008)

How has the treatment benefited your health:

The before and after X-rays showed there were improvements at my cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine.
From 2010 onwards I have been under the exemplary care of Dr Tina who gives me much assurance and encouragement to attempt things that I wish to do that I can’t do. She’s like a sports doctor and chiropractor to me .
Now I have a better understanding of the strength and weakness of my spine and the muscle groups involved in various activities so to avoid inflammation and stiffness on my shoulder and neck and I can walk for 3 to 4 km as my daily exercise and swim up to 20 laps once a week without pain. I started to enjoy my mobility and travels again.

Since the beginning of this year I feel that I am stronger physically so I decided to try long distance run/ walk to the dismay from concerned family members. Dr Tina had to stretch my muscles thoroughly and drill me to observe proper run posture and to have appropriate footwear to go and enjoy the events:
1) 10 km in Run350 on 7/4/2013 and I did it in 90mins and I needed 3 days of recovery from sore muscles but no pain.
2) 15 km in CSC Run on 25/8/13 in 2hrs 8 mins and the recovery was just 2 days
3) 21 km Safra half marathon on 1/9/13 in 3 hrs 36 mins and I recovered in a day
I would not have thought that I can achieve this at the age of 62.

Thanks a zillion to Dr Tina and her friendly and caring team of staff who are committed to restore our quality of Active Life!!


Date: 9th August 2013
Name: Elena Leong
Attending Doctor: Tina Ta



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