Stress and Eating

Stressed is Desserts spelled backwards!





Far too often when we talk with our patients about their diet and discuss what they are eating, our Active Life Chiropractic doctors are surprised to hear about just exactly what our patients are eating!

What we feed the body is what fuels us. Neglecting to take heed with regards to what we eat, or in some cases neglecting to eat at all  can have heavy consequences when it comes to our bodies ability to heal and stay healthy.

When it comes to stress, sometimes it can silently creep up on us and we are not even aware. Work pressure, family issues, finances, lack of sleep… the list can go on and on. At some point in time all of us ahave experienced stress in our lives. It’s important to recognise that it does come and go however, if the stress levels are exceeded or we are seeing it becoming more apparent – then it can become harmful to our lives and affect our health.

When we are feeling “off” or not functioning at 100% one of the first things that our body craves is sleep, second to that is comfort food – and in some cases that can propogate the cycle of stress and even make it worse.

Stress and the Cortisol Connection

Our body produces a hormone called Cortisol – it’s sometimes refered to as the stress hormone. At times when we are feeling under pressure, fatigued, over worked or just out of it – cortisol levels can increase.  When we study the effect of cortisol on the body and monitor its changes one very specfic increase is observed. Cortisol levels contribute to higher levels of insulin production. Insulin is produced in the body to help regulate blood sugar level, higher levels can cause deficiencies in blood sugar and this can lead to cravings of sugary, high carb/high fat foods.

When we are stressed we occasionally reach for the bottle of wine. Alcohol however,  can also lead to raised levels of cortisol production.

Reducing the levels of stress in our life can have profound effects on our health. Exercise is one o the best ways to fight off the stress monster. Setting a daily routine that includes exercise allows for a brighter happier outlook on the day. This can be a great way to keep the cortisol levels at bay.

Regular chiropractic care from our doctors at ActiveLife Chiropractic is a fantastic way at busting stress. If the nervous system is working at it’s optimal potential – the body can function more efficiently.

If you’re looking for a way to fight stress – why not start with a healthy body and spine. Speak to our ActiveLife Chiropractic Clinics today.

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