Scoliosis of the Spine


Scoliosis is often referred to as curvature of the spine. It is a disorder in which there is a sideways curvature of the spine, and associated rotation of the rib cage.


It is seven times more likely to affect females than males.


It is usually detected during the early stages of adolescence, or during routine school spine check.


From the age of 8, parents should look for any suggestion of asymmetry in their children; these may include uneven shoulders, obvious spinal curvature or uneven hips.

Should you feel your child may have a scoliosis, please visit your doctor. Spinal curvature with scoliosis may progress from mild degrees of curvature to severe due to abnormal growth; and it is not possible to determine which cases will progress rapidly. Regular monitoring is the best method of prevention to ensure curvature does not progress beyond 20 degrees.

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