Safe working, when working out!

Safer Exercise for the Happy Back!

For those of you who head to a gym, you’ll be all to familiar with the personal trainers working hard to make sure that their clients are working out while maintaining correct posture. Meanwhile you might be working out yourself and your posture could do with some work! But why is posture so important…? It’s startling to know that the majority of injuries that we see in our clinic are as a result of improper posture and poor form when working out.

These three tips are some simple guidelines to help you when you’re next in the gym.

  1. Choosing the right weight: What you can achieve with 25kg x 8 reps with a higher risk of injury, can also be achieved with a 10Kg x 200 rep of correct form with no risk of injury. Lifting heavy weights when your body is not trained for it is one of the highest causes of musculoskeletal based injuries.
  2. Using correct technique: learn to do each exercise correctly. The better your training technique the more you train the right muscle group without involvement of supporting muscles. Correct technique allows your muscles to get stronger and you’ll find that your ability to lift more weight longer also increases.
  3. Breathe: You might be tempted to hold your breath while you’re lifting weights. Don’t do that. Holding your breath can lead to dangerous increases in blood pressure. Instead, breathe out as you lift the weight and breathe in as you lower the weight.

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