Pregnancy and Chiropractic

Often newly pregnant mothers will ask – is chiropractic right for me? is it safe? why should i see a chiropractor?

When it comes to Pregnancy and Chiropractic, our main purpose however, happens to be a bit different than for non-pregnant patients. Quite simply, we serve to help a woman’s body adjust to the changes it makes to house a growing baby. Our main goal happens to be to lessen the pains of being pregnant and to help your pelvis section remain even and optimised for your baby’s birth-day.

Your pregnancy happens to be a time of good change within…and without. As your little baby grows and develops your body morphs to the growing baby inside you. Your breasts become bigger to prepare for breastfeeding, the curve in your low back increases as your belly becomes larger in size, and your head tends to move forward to maintain itself over your toes. Yes, these changes do not sound totally nice; they are the changes necessary to keep a woman able to move around over the course of her pregnancy. Undergoing Chiropractic Care should help make pregnancy a healthy & comfortable thing.

The good news happens to be that you are in the exact place to help your body adapt to this ongoing change. Chiropractic treatments let the vertebrae in your sacrum & your spine move more fluidly and help you to be more comfortable sitting, sleeping, standing, and taking a walk. Benefits such as these are extremely valuable to pregnant women primarily in their final trimester. This is due to the fact at that point, walking around could become challenging.

One of the benefits is that women who have regular treatments prior to birth & labor experience shorter labour times. As a whole, 1st time mothers who happened to be treated during their pregnancies, had 25% shorter labours than women who weren’t under a chiropractor’s care. Ladies who had prior children however, under chiropractic care experienced 33% shorter labours than women who weren’t seeing a chiropractor during their pregnancies.

Pregnancy and Chiropractic – Safety

Chiropractic treatments turn out to be effective & safe while you’re pregnant. Chiropractors take extra precaution to be certain that pregnant women are comfortable. All of our treatments are focused on the spine this ensures that there is no pressure on the abdomen. Most pregnant women are in awe as to simply how incredible chiropractic treatments feel!

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