Lower Back Pain and our Sedentary Lifestyle.

We now spend more time sitting during the day than we do sleeping – which when we consider that we spend over a third of our life in bed; that’s a lot of time on your rear-end! By taking a break in your day and following these simple desk-based ergonomic tips – you can reduce your risk. Pain in the lower back is most often due to stress and irritation of the ligaments, tendons, muscles and soft tissues surrounding and protecting your spine. Sometimes the discomfort can stem from the spine itself; irritation of the facet joints, or compression of the vertebral disc. The stress and irritation usually develop after an injury, however, it can be the result of poor posture, lack of exercise or repetitive strain due to activities such as extended sitting or driving.

12 Tips to reduce Lower Back Pain with an Ergonomic Workstation

1 Top of monitor at or below eye level
2 Monitor and keyboard centred in front of you
3 No glare on screen
4 Documents in line with keyboard and monitor
5 Negative tilt keyboard support
6 Wrists flat and straight
7 Arms and elbows close to body
8 Change postures often
9 Work in a reclined position
10 Take frequent short breaks
11 Feet flat on floor or footrest
12 CPU off desk

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