Helping Mums get Back into Shape

Chiropractic for Mums – Bringing a Happier Spine

Being a mum comes with a heavy burden – literally! There is no doubt that pregnant mums and those with new born children are so over run with tasks, daily activities and everything else in between, that it’s little wonder they have next to no time to think of themselves! Posture tends to be the last thing on many new mother’s
minds and unfortunately this can lead to many day to day activities that could be placing undue pressure and forces on their spines.

Some of the most commonly recognised problems that can be aided with Chiropractic for mums (even while pregnant and new mothers) include:

  1. Uneven hips – placing unnecessary pressure on one side of the body (including but not limited to knee and foot pain)
  2. Forward head posture – with nursing and caring for little ones, mum’s spend so much time with their head down it could be creating unnecessary pressure and degenerative forces on their neck.
  3. Forward Pelvis – because mums are so busy caring for a little one, they tend to push their pelvis forward to support the weight of their child which can lead to many lower back issues.

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