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Did you know that in 2008 – the World Health Organisation (WHO) released a report that suggested that globally  – around 31% of adults aged 15 and over were insufficiently active. From this staggering statistic alone, the research suggested that almost 3.2 million deaths were attributed to this sedentary lifestyle of inactivity, a lack of an Active Life.

In our Clinics here in Singapore when our Doctors  at Active Life meet with new patients, our initial examination and history taking asks the question of sports and daily activity, it is staggering how very often this part of the form remains blank. Our doctors will probe – “Do you do any sports?” or “what sort of day to day physical activity do you partake in?” and the answers can range from:

“No time!”

“Too Lazy!”

“Last time I…….”

All of these responses are EXCUSES, not reasons to be active, and that is where Chiropractic can play a role in helping you achieve your very best.

Stay Active with your Life

Our Chiropractic Doctors are paying particular attention to focussing on how we can help our patients perform and live better by striving towards releasing their inner optimal potential.

You don’t have to visit a Chiropractor just when things are not working or when you are suffering, Our team at ActiveLife Chiropractic strive towards

Reducing Pain:

Regular Chiropractic Care can help to de-stress your spine, promoting better quality movement, and decreasing compressive forces on the joints, disc’ and nerves of your body allowing you to feel better.

Improve Posture:

Seeing our Chiropractors when we are pain free allows us to assess your spine in it’s natural healthy state, we can educate your day to day activities and routines to promote correct posture and, load reducing strategies so that you can achieve your best without impacting your spine.

Active Life:

Having your spine regularly assessed and adjusted as appropriate, places importance on promoting good spinal health and function. Improved posture and mobility, a healthy lifestyle and improved performance allows you to achieve more in the sports and activities that you love and enjoy.

Our Chiropractor team at ActiveLife Chiropractic are committed towards supporting the initiative of the WHO of a reduction of 10% in physical inactivity by 2025. We are aiming to help all our patients to get back to living the life they love and loving the activities they enjoy.

get an Active Life today


If you have concerns for your spine – contact our Novena Chiropractic  Clinic  or our Orchard Chiropractic Clinic:

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About ActiveLife

At Active, we believe that good health is a family affair. That’s why our team of Chiorprators treats the entire family: newborns, infants, children, adults and seniors. Our staff of professional chiorprators are committed to keeping you and your family well.
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