Hip &/or Pelvic Pain

Patients often confuse hip and/or Pelvis Pain. To make matters more confusing, low back pain can also be problematic.

So which is it Hip Pain or Pelvis Pain? Again, this is another reason why a physical examination is crucial to find the root of your problem.
In order to manage your aches and pains, correct posture, etc. we want to be as specific as possible.
Hip and pelvic pain can be quite troublesome as it can affect your ability to stand, sit, and/or walk for longer periods of time.
Misalignment in the pelvis can cause relative leg length inequality resulting in one leg being shorter or longer than another. The pelvis can be tilted, and/or rotated which will put unnecessary stress and tension on the surrounding joints and soft tissues.
If left untreated you can see temporary structural changes such as curving into the low back, or worse case permanent structural changes in the form of osteoarthritis (Degeneration), etc.