Have you ever heard the statement “Your body needs an average 8 hrs of sleep”?  The assumption that without being asleep for 8 hrs, your body fails to function or develop optimally. However, you may know of a person who seems to function daily with abundant energy averaging only 5 hours of sleep, while other who attain 8 hours or more. are still barely to start their day without a coffee, energy drink, or something else to jumpstart their brain and body to a minimal alertness for allowing for normal daily function. If this variation exists, how much sleep does one ACTUALLY need to function optimally? The answer is not as clear cut as you might think.

Understanding the Difference

To understand the difference between quantity versus quality of sleep, first take a look of how the sleep cycle works. A typical sleep cycle 5 stages of brain activity progressing over 90 minutes that affects different functions of your body.  Stage 1-2 is the “light sleep” stage being. Then 3-4 is the “restorative” stage of sleep. Finally  5 is REM (rapid eye movement) phase synonymous with dreaming. Throughout the night, your body cycles multiples times back and forth between stages 2-5.  Factors such as emotional stress, physical exertion, chemical intake, food consumption, and certain wavelengths of light can affect on the time it takes to transition from stage 1 to stage 5, along with the amount of time spent at each stage. The greatest restoration of cells and tissues occurs during the delta wave brain activity, which occurs exclusively in stages 3 and 4. You will cycle back and forth numerous times between stages 2-5 throughout the night, but the accumulative time you spend in stages 3-4 will dictate the QUALITY of your sleep.  The systems and hormones which kick in during your “fight or flight” stress moments (sympathetic system) is downgraded or shut off completely. The hormones and systems the promote “resting and digesting” are maximized (parasympathetic system).


What happens during stages 3-4 of sleep?

These are the following processes occurs at the cellular level:

  1. Repairs muscles, organs and cells
  2. Infection-fighting antibodies (called cytokines) are released, strengthening your immune system
  3. Clears waste from the brain allowing for learning and memory
  4. Growth hormone is released
  5. Cortisol (stress hormone) decreases


What does chiropractic have to do with sleep?

Sometimes while a patient is under chiropractic care, we often hear “Hey doc, after you adjusted my spine, I slept like a baby that night”. That is because chiropractic spinal adjustments affect your central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) by recalibrating the delicate balance between your “fight or flight” systems (sympathetic) and your “rest and digest” systems (parasympathetic). Sleep is maximized when your parasympathetic system is in full, and your sympathetic system is suppressed

-Dr. Brent Maxwell-



Injuries in sports happen all the time. Understanding what kind of injuries, and why they occur can help minimize your risk.
Keeping  you healthy and living an ActiveLife
There are 2 types of injury; acute and overuse. An acute injury is usually related to trauma – a hard tackle in soccer, a bump or hit from another player, or just an unfortunate accident. These are hard to prevent but luckily they are also less common.
Overuse injuries are far more common and usually involve a dysfunction in the body, bad technique or improper equipment. They usually start slowly and may begin with tightness or pulling only and overtime turn in to a repetitive strain or severe injury to your joints and muscles. A good example of an overuse injury is a rotator cuff injury. Muscles can be strained from overuse in sports like tennis or badminton, but they are far more likely to be overused and strained if they’re already under stress from bad posture and rounded shoulders from too much desk work. With the shoulders,  spine and cuff cannot work efficiently and is closer to its straining point.
To prevent sports injuries, firstly ensure you are using the correct equipment – including any protective equipment. Ensure you have good technique for your sport and avoid risky situations. Increase your training gradually over time, making sure to warm up and cool down before training and games. Best of all, schedule a pre-season check up with your chiropractor to check your posture and examine you for any unusual movement mechanics that may lead to an overuse injury.
If you want to get the most out of your body and prevent injuries for your sport, speak with our chiropractors at Activelife Chiropractic today for more information and appointments.

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The Do’s and Do Not’s of Neck Pain!

5 Steps to Reduce Neck Pain

Time and time again we are told to sit up straight, don’t slouch, keep our shoulders back and have better posture. It is far less often, that we are told what steps we can take to achieve to reduce back and neck pain and maintain this better posture so many people talk about.

It’s a well known fact that poor sleeping, too much screen time on mobile devices and other routine activities can literally be a pain in the neck. The tips above are by no means exhaustive but following them can help you to avoid neck pain or spine injury. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to speak to our Singapore Chiropractors at ActiveLife Chiropractic.

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Quick Fixes for Workplace Ergonomics

Follow these easy tips to update your workplace ergonomics and give your back and body the support it deserves.

workplace ergonomics


Many of us spend far too much of our day stuck behind a desk. Too many of us put our work as a priority, rather than the far more important health of our back and body. Following some of the simple tips above we can help to support the back through better more efficient and effective workplace ergonomics.

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Stress and Eating

stress and eating

Stressed is Desserts spelled backwards!





Far too often when we talk with our patients about their diet and discuss what they are eating, our Active Life Chiropractic doctors are surprised to hear about just exactly what our patients are eating!

What we feed the body is what fuels us. Neglecting to take heed with regards to what we eat, or in some cases neglecting to eat at all  can have heavy consequences when it comes to our bodies ability to heal and stay healthy.

When it comes to stress, sometimes it can silently creep up on us and we are not even aware. Work pressure, family issues, finances, lack of sleep… the list can go on and on. At some point in time all of us ahave experienced stress in our lives. It’s important to recognise that it does come and go however, if the stress levels are exceeded or we are seeing it becoming more apparent – then it can become harmful to our lives and affect our health.

When we are feeling “off” or not functioning at 100% one of the first things that our body craves is sleep, second to that is comfort food – and in some cases that can propogate the cycle of stress and even make it worse.

Stress and the Cortisol Connection

Our body produces a hormone called Cortisol – it’s sometimes refered to as the stress hormone. At times when we are feeling under pressure, fatigued, over worked or just out of it – cortisol levels can increase.  When we study the effect of cortisol on the body and monitor its changes one very specfic increase is observed. Cortisol levels contribute to higher levels of insulin production. Insulin is produced in the body to help regulate blood sugar level, higher levels can cause deficiencies in blood sugar and this can lead to cravings of sugary, high carb/high fat foods.

When we are stressed we occasionally reach for the bottle of wine. Alcohol however,  can also lead to raised levels of cortisol production.

Reducing the levels of stress in our life can have profound effects on our health. Exercise is one o the best ways to fight off the stress monster. Setting a daily routine that includes exercise allows for a brighter happier outlook on the day. This can be a great way to keep the cortisol levels at bay.

Regular chiropractic care from our doctors at ActiveLife Chiropractic is a fantastic way at busting stress. If the nervous system is working at it’s optimal potential – the body can function more efficiently.

If you’re looking for a way to fight stress – why not start with a healthy body and spine. Speak to our ActiveLife Chiropractic Clinics today.

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Healthy Spine Habits

Healthy Spine Habits start with you!

healthy spine habit
We all know the healthy importance of taking care of our health. We regularly maintain our bodies to ensure of that. Whether that is brushing your teeth twice a day, staying hydrated or protecting our skin from the sun, it becomes second nature. Time and time again our Doctors at ActiveLife Chiropractor Novena and ActiveLife Chiropractor Orchard hear from patients who spend so much time caring for their bodies – but neglecting to take the time to care for their spine.
The tips outlined above are just the surface of habits that can help maintain a healthy and happy spine, but start with simple and your body will thank you later.


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Boost your Body

Boost your Bodies Potential

When it comes to the function of the body – we spend so much more time sitting down these days that we seldom take notice of exactly how much time this actually accounts for. Research from the Australian Chiropractors assocation estimates that for the average worker we spend up to 15.3 hours sitting down. It’s no wonder we are seeing more and more incidences of spinal health concerns in younger and younger patients.

boost body

When it comes down to it – what Grandma and Grandpa said reigns true – use it or loose it! This rings particularly true when we consider joint function.  As the body ages we tend to see that some of the joints don’t move as well as they used to. Often enough we no longer hear our patients referring to their knees as Left and Right – rather their good  and bad !

It is natural for the body to loose some of its mobility as we age. Degeneration is a function of time and this is increased when specific joints are not moving in the way that they are supposed to. If not properly cared for; knees, shoulders, hips, and the spine are all affected.stretch body boost

As practitioners of Chiropractic – our doctors at ActiveLife Chiropractic know far too well the importance of a well maintained and well functioning spine and musculoskeletal system.

Besides keeping spinal joints functioning – Chiropractic care can help boost a wide variety of ailments.

You can nourish your vitality when your nervous system is functioning at its optimum. Patients tell us they feel healthier, more energised. They explain that they sleep better  when they get adjusted by our doctors at Active Life Chiropractic in Singapore.


Looking for a boost for your body or are looking for Chiropractors in Singapore?  
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Feeling Fitter with Chiropractic


Ever stopped to wonder what might be giving others the edge when it comes to health and feeling fitter?

Singapore Chiropractic

Time and time again we see patients coming through our office – looking to be feeling fitter with Singapore Chiropractic. We often explain how, through the application of gentle safe and effective Chiropractic Care – our doctors at ActiveLife Chiropractic are able to help patients not only feel better, but perform better too. 

When the spine is well adjusted it allows for the alignment of the joints to be restored. When the joints are functioning and moving well – they are able to work in the way they were designed. A healthy functional musculoskeletal system allows for better nervous system communication which in turn allows the body to do what it does best – heal itself. A fitter body is directly corelated with an optimally functioning nervous system. Through the application of Chiropractic care – the body can perform at it’s best. There is a reason why we are one of Singapore’s highly recommended chiropractor – come see for yourself.

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Don’t be Chicken – Exercise to get Fit!

If your goal this Year of the Rooster is to give your health and fitness a kick, here are 10 top tips to turn your “fatness” into “fitness” through some easy exercise tips!



  1. Every exercise achievement every day is worth celebrating. Instead of making any excuses like you don’t have time, make exercise a part of your every day activities. When it’s time to pick something up squat down twice for it, take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk the last bus stop home. Remember – it’s not all or nothing, every little bit means something.
  2. Don’t be scared of weight – take your time, take it slow. When you Pick up something that is heavy it works to keep your bones healthy and asists with warding off unwanted fat.
  3. Change takes time – don’t expect to have a six pack next week (unless it’s a six pack of chicken nuggets!). Mastering one exercise with proper technique creates a sustainable habit
  4. Focus on gain – forget about loss, when you aim for an achievement. For example “i wan’t to lift 40kg” you give your brain a target and each step is a step closer.
  5. Don’t be scared to exercise – it’s your chance to unwind and shouldn’t be a punishment but a way to get you feeling great.
  6. Don’t forget to take care of your body – Warm-up & Cool-down – never jump straight into activity  before warming up.  Joints and soft tissue require sufficient warm-up to prevent injury.
  7. Sleep, and we cannot emphasise this one enough, no one sleeps enough – aim for more than  7 hours of sleep. That is the bare minimum required to repair and rebuilt the wear and tear on our bodies, even from minimal activity.
  8. Mobility – Foam rolling and  nice deep slow stretch post-exercise and even on rest days. Sitting at work and home all the time helps your muscles to be lazy. Keep them moving and do it often – they will thank you for it.
  9. Track your exercise and nutrition – With so many apps available now, experiment with your favourite layout or usability. Monitoring your input and output is a visual motivator to keep you on track
  10. Be patient – Performance and fitness progress takes time. Trust yourself and stick to the plan.


Find a Chiropractor in Singapore

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Counting Sheep – but still can’t Sleep?

Time and time again when our patients come in troubled by sleeping, the same old rhetoric rings true…


I didn’t sleep very well last night

I didn’t sleep at all last night



Helping our patients break out of the cycle of sleep deprivation is almost as important as maintaining a healthy schedule with your adjustments. Lack of sleep not only affects your ability to function but similarly it also plays a toll on your overall health.

Identify the causes.

There are multiple reasons and causes why our patients cannot sleep – statistically over 30% of the adult population of the USA suffers at some point in their life from insomnia. Arguably this figure appears to be much higher in Singapore. Identifying the cause of sleep deprivation, or the factors that are preventing you from getting good rest are the first steps towards getting your sleep cycle and indeed your health back on track.

not sleeping

Eight places to start looking to address your Sleep Hygiene.

  1. Sleep Schedule and Routine

    • Routine is important when it comes to sleep, if you have a consistent daily schedule or set of activities that allow your sleeping to maintain relatively similar timing, not only will your sleep be of higher quality – but you will also feel better throughout the day. People with busy schedules sacrifice sleep during the week and say they will make up for it on the weekends however, this tends to lead to insomnia when they go back to work – further propagating the issue.
  2. Sleep Apnea

    • If you or your partner snores during their sleep, or they wake up a lot  – sometimes gasping for air, there is a potential issue known as sleep apnea. This is a condition that happens when the air flow through your nose or throat is obstructed by the relaxation of some of the muscles in and around your air passage. Relatively easy to assess – if you have concern with sleep apnea your general practitioner can offer many options regarding treating this sleep condition.
  3. Stress and sleeping

    • When our brain is holding on to the thoughts of the day and we are getting concerned or worried about those thoughts, stress can interfere with the processes that allow our brain to fall asleep. If your finding that stress is interfering with your ability to get rest, speak to our wonderful team of chiropractors at ActiveLife Chiropractic first, and we can help you to regain the good quality sleep you deserve.
  4. Depression

    • Depression, feeling sad or simply lacking interest is again, one of the most common causes of insomnia. Most often people who are suffering depression find themselves waking up particularly in the early morning for no apparent reason and this interference with good quality sleep can really put a toll on the body.
  5. OTC Sleep Aids

    • Reliance on over the counter sleep aids for a “good” nights sleep can lead to a multitude of issues and problems, the over-reliance on medication for that one good nights sleep can drive dependance, leave you feeling foggy and drowsy the next day, and over time their effectiveness can become lesser, leading to higher doses with worse side effects. If you’re worried about your inability to sleep, talk to the team at ActiveLife Chiropractic and get the advice you need to make the right steps forward.
  6. Eating and Sleeping

    • Avoiding eating within four hours of bedtime is highly advisable because it takes up to that amount of time for the stomach to clear the food mass. Eating too close to sleeping can lead to gastric reflux, where the acidic contents of your stomach back-flow up the oesophagus. This heartburn, or burning sensations can be a leading cause of disrupted sleep.
  7. Temperature

    • Finding the right environment to sleep in is ideal, if you share a bedroom it can be hard to find the happy medium of what is the “right temperature” research suggests that a room, slightly colder than expected actually allows for a deeper more ideal nights sleep. Some studies suggest temperatures between 18-20 degrees celcius for optimal sleep conditions.
  8. Screen Exposure and sleeping

    • We all know this is a big one, but the usage of personal devices, electronic screens, phones, tablets, tv’s and computers too close to sleep can really be detrimental to sleeping hygiene. Too much exposure to the blue light at night can change our bodies internal clock. Two hours before bed we should already be reducing our screen exposure time, or limiting the blue light on our devices as this wavelength is the one that affects our brains rhythm the most.

cant sleeping

If you’re looking for more information regarding sleep issues or your own families lack of sleeping – call into either of our clinics. Our wonderful staff will be more than happy to assist with your enquiries.

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