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When it comes to the function of the body – we spend so much more time sitting down these days that we seldom take notice of exactly how much time this actually accounts for. Research from the Australian Chiropractors assocation estimates that for the average worker we spend up to 15.3 hours sitting down. It’s no wonder we are seeing more and more incidences of spinal health concerns in younger and younger patients.

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When it comes down to it – what Grandma and Grandpa said reigns true – use it or loose it! This rings particularly true when we consider joint function.  As the body ages we tend to see that some of the joints don’t move as well as they used to. Often enough we no longer hear our patients referring to their knees as Left and Right – rather their good  and bad !

It is natural for the body to loose some of its mobility as we age. Degeneration is a function of time and this is increased when specific joints are not moving in the way that they are supposed to. If not properly cared for; knees, shoulders, hips, and the spine are all affected.stretch body boost

As practitioners of Chiropractic – our doctors at ActiveLife Chiropractic know far too well the importance of a well maintained and well functioning spine and musculoskeletal system.

Besides keeping spinal joints functioning – Chiropractic care can help boost a wide variety of ailments.

You can nourish your vitality when your nervous system is functioning at its optimum. Patients tell us they feel healthier, more energised. They explain that they sleep better  when they get adjusted by our doctors at Active Life Chiropractic in Singapore.


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