A Real Pain in the Neck!

One major cause of Neck Pain is the fact that our lifestyles now require us to spend a large proportion of our time sitting down, staring at a laptop or desktop monitor for up to nine hours a day. This can place a major strain on the neck leading to increased risk of early degeneration or injury. By taking a break in your day and following these simple desk-based Neck Exercises you can reduce your risk.


Pain in the neck is most often due to stress and irritation of the ligaments, tendons, muscles and soft tissues surrounding and protecting your spine. Sometimes the discomfort can stem from the spine itself; irritation of the facet joints, or compression of the vertebral disc. The stress and irritation usually develop after an injury, however, it can be the result of poor posture, lack of exercise or repetitive strain due to activities such as extended sitting or driving.


If you experience any adverse symptoms while performing these Neck Exercises, discontinue immediately. if symptoms persist, please consult a health care practitioner.

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